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SIMS21, Poland 2017 - Amy Walker abstract

Amy Walker oral presentation (OB3-Thu3-1-5)

Multivariate Analysis of fs-Laser Desorption Ionization MS Images of Pancreatic Tissue

Luke Hanley1, Polatip Subanajouy1, Grant Barry1, Igor Veryovkovin1, Ananta Poudel2, Manami Hara2, Graeme Bell2, Amy Walker3, Lev Gelb3

1 University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Chemistry, MC 111, IL 60607 Chicago, United States
2 University of Chicago, Department of Medicine, IL 60637 Chicago, United States
3 University of Texas at Dallas, 800 W. Campbell Rd, TX 75080 Richardson, United States

Multivariate analysis [1] is used here to analyze images of femtosecond laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (fs-LDI-MS) images [2] of intact slices of human pancreas tissue. The fatty regions of cryomicrotomed slices of human pancreas tissue were imaged by H&E stained fluorescence microscopy. Adjacent tissue slices were treated with LiCl [3], after which fs-LDI-MS images were recorded with samples under vacuum using <100 fs, 800 nm laser pulses. Multivariate analysis of the MS data using a two-component model resulted in plausible separation of lipid and non-lipid regions: one component overlapped spatially with the fluorescence image (Figure 1), and the other appeared to match the outlying non-lipid component.

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