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SIMS21, Poland 2017 - Anna Belu abstract

Anna Belu oral presentation (OB4-Thu4-1-1)

Characterization of Surfaces and Interfaces
in the Medical Device Industry

Anna Belu, Elizabeth Pangerl, William Theilacker

Medtronic, 710 Medtronic Pkwy, LT240, MN 55432 Minneapolis, United States

This presentation will demonstrate the use of TOF-SIMS for solving issues at surfaces and interfaces of biomaterials and medical devices. The surface sensitivity, spatial resolution, and chemical specificity of the technique provide a unique perspective, and when combined with other surface analytical and microscopic techniques can lead to comprehensive understanding of root cause. With an industrial focus and an urgency to provide life-saving medical device products to patients, the emphasis is on speed and accuracy from odd-shaped samples that are oftentimes not pristine. Characterization and fundamental understanding of materials properties is necessary at the development phases as well as with finished product. Examples will include device surfaces that have been modified for specific bioresponses (e.g. drug delivery, lubricity) as well as investigation into issues with device performance (e.g. due to foreign materials adhesion, discoloration). Medical devices of interest include catheters, pacing leads, stents, and biosensors.