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SIMS21, Poland 2017 - Dong Gui abstract

Dong Gui oral presentation (FN3-Fri1-2-2)

Standards prepared by drop-on-demand dispenser for SIMS

Dong Gui, Bo-Jung Chen, S.H. Wu, Wan-Hao Lai, Jang-Jung Lee

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, 166 Science Park Road II, 300 Hsinchu, Taiwan, Province of China

Standards are critical for comparative analytical techniques to assure the traceability, accuracy and precision of the quantification analyses. To prepare a good standard sample, preparation technique and materials as well as conditions should be well controlled. For example, ion implantation is commonly used to fabricate the standards for secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) analysis. The availability of ion implanter and compatibility of the materials to the ion implanter limit the variety of the standards. However, standard with similar or identical composition as the material to be analyzed is required. In microelectronics and its assembly industries, hundreds of materials or even mixtures are employed to fabricate and package devices. A convenient and easily available technique is required to prepare working standards. Drop-on-demand dispenser technique becomes a promising technique to prepare standards, putting minimum requirement on matrix materials. Total uncertainty of less than 1% can be achieved by using this technique. In this paper, we propose to prepare SIMS standards by using Jetlab. A series of droplet arrays were dispensed on silicon wafers from solutions of K, Ti, Fe and Cu with concentrations ranging from 2-1000ppm. These samples were analyzed using time-of-flight SIMS. A good linear correlation of TOF SIMS dose and solution concentration can be achieved with correlation coefficient better than 0.99. This result demonstrates the capability of drop-on-demand dispenser technique in preparing standards for SIMS.